Student Laptops Support

Can I use any of your laptops on the internet?
All of our laptops, apart from the "basic laptops" are suitable to go on the internet. Some come with a built-in modem, but for those that don't, we can supply one from just £20 for a PCMCIA (credit card type) modem with a cable. If you buy your modem at the same time as your laptop, it will come fully configured to dial up to our free internet service where you only pay for a local call on your normal telephone bill. If you buy a modem at a later date and want us to fit it for you, we can do this free of charge (excluding carriage charges). If you want to fit the modem yourself, you may find our support section useful which also gives details of our free dialup service.

See the 'setting up your modem' section for more details.


What's the difference between cd/cdrw/dvd drives and why do I need one?
There are three different types of CD drives now available. A standard CD drive allows you to install software and play music. If you only need your laptop for basic internet/email and word processing, you probably won't need a CD drive. A DVD drive works in exactly the same way as a CD drive but can also play DVD movies and disks as well as normal CDs. A CDRW drive works the same as a CD drive but can make audio and data CDs from blank disks, and you can also use the drive with re-writeable (eraseable) disks for backing up larger amounts of data. If you are not sure about this, please feel free to contact us.

What is this PCMCIA thing all about?
PCMCIA is a type of socket built in to the laptop for connecting modems and network cards and is about the same size as a credit card and is found on almost every laptop. We supply PCMCIA modems and network cards as they are very small and light and fit inside the machine, meaning you don't have to keep disconnecting it when you want to move your laptop.

Can I use an external mouse with my laptop?
Most of our laptops come with their own internal mouse, but if you prefer an external mouse then you can connect one. We supply with a mouse with a mouse mat at a very reasonable price and if you're not sure how to set it up, please contact us and we can talk you through it.


What is USB and will my laptop have it?
USB is a type of connection found on newer laptops that you use for plugging in digital cameras, scanners, webcams and other accessories. Most of our laptops over £250 have it, and you can check in the 'more details' section of the laptop you wish to buy. If you are not sure if you need USB or if the machine you wish to purchase has it, please call us for advice.


I'm having problems ordering online.
Our website is designed to be used with almost every modern internet browser, however, we do occasionally get problems with firewalls and cookies. If you find you cannot order online, please call us on 08457 2251 1121 (UK laptop orders only) from 9-5 Monday to Friday and we can take your order over the 'phone.

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Do I have to be a student to buy a laptop from you?
Anybody can buy a laptop from us. It's just that we find that it's students who most need a low cost, reliable machine.


I want a better spec or different machine, can you supply it?
Due to our large network of suppliers, we can source almost any laptop you require, although the machines on our site are some of the best deals available in the UK with unbeatable prices. If you know exactly what you want, give us a call on 08457 2251 1121 (UK laptop orders only) and we'll see what we can do.

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Are your prices inclusive of VAT?
Yes, what you see is what you pay, there are no hidden extras, we even offer free next day delivery if you cannot collect your purchase.


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